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bandZshop is a fresh platform to help up and coming musicians and bands create an income… And it’s totally FREE

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bandZshop will create you an income

There are many platforms for musicians. Most are great. But apart from exposure they do not create you an income!

With bandZshop we have developed a system that could create you a very healthy income.

As a band or artist you will receive 50% of all your merch sales, after base costs. This the first music platform to create a system where you can actually make a living from your music.

Reaching your fans

Music platforms

If you are on other platforms such as Reverberation, Soundcloud, Band.Camp, Drooble or any other you should be building a fan base. All you need to do is add your bandZshop link to all your profiles.


Imagine taking a full march shop to your gigs? You’d have to invest in the march and then drag it around with you. All you need to do is give out bandZshop cards as people enter the venue and give a few shout outs at a gig about your merch. Whether you have 50 people in the audience or a few thousand all they have to do is access your bandZshop link as they are enjoying your gig!

Social Media

Simply share your bandZshop link everywhere and ask friend to share it

The Reward

For an example: If you can generate just a thousand Fans spending just a $100 on your cool stuff over a just one year that could generate you as much as $50 000!!!

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It’s Free

bandZshop will not cost you anything!

The only price to pay is a little effort!

You send us your materials

We create your bandZshop page

  • Stylish and highly professional
  • Optimised for sales
  • Bio
  • Streaming your music
  • Images
  • Video
  • …And your bandZshop!!!

All for FREE.

You just wait for the monthly payouts!

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How it Works

Go to how bandZshop works: (links to connect for second box – second box should read “How it works”)

It’s Simple

bandZshop is first Music platform where you can actually generate an income as an artist/band. All you have to do is:

  • fill out the free sign up form
  • Provide links to your music
  • Send us your photos
  • Fill out your Bio
  • Give us all your links
  • Send us your Band/Artist logo/or song title designs

We will then add your designs to T-shirts/Hoodies/Posters and Canvass prints!
If you have a website your bandZshop look will send your fans straight to your merch!

If you have a reverbnation page, soundcloud or similar then simply add your bandZshop link to it.

Here’s the best bit.

You do not have to pay us for managing your shop for you! You simply receive 50% of all profits.

As a band or artist you

Will receive 50% of all your sales after production costs. This the first music platform to create a system where you can actually make a living from your music. If you can generate just a thousand Fans spending just a $100 on your cool stuff over a WHOLE year you can generate as much as $50 000 over just a 1000 fans!

We do all the set up and marketing!

Who we support

Connect with other musicians

Join the bandZshop forum!

Make friends and connect with other musicians. Are you guru producer who can share some tips? Are you looking for a bass player in your area? Have you got a new single which you want to share with world?

Then the bandZshop forum is for you!

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Featured Artist

Need design?

Here at bandZshop we are a bunch of passionate web developers and designers. From as little as $200 we could design you a beautiful band logo for your merch.

Want to sell vinyl?

With bandZshop we have a unique system where your fans can order your single or album on vinyl. You don’t have to do anything we do it all for you!

Electronic press kits

Create an impressive press kit and get noticed by the music industry.

Song reviews

Get your song reviews with bandZshop. If you score above 7 out of 10 you will be a featured artist for the week!